1.  Contact Police.
2.  Obtain information about the other people involved in the accident such as:
     ·  Name, address, phone number, email
     ·  Insurance Company name and policy number
     ·  Year, make and model of the vehicle
3.  Take photos of the accident and the vehicles.
4.  Have your vehicle towed if the vehicle is not drivable.  Do not authorize repairs until a claims adjuster gives you the authorization to do so.
5.  Report the claim to Liz Pesce:
     ·  phone 724 803-5867
     ·  or fax 724 283-4683
6.  Claims adjuster will contact you in 24-48 hours.
7.  An appraiser will be assigned to inspect the damage if it is severe or they will request an estimate from you.
8.  Claims adjuster will deal directly with others involved in the accident.


1.  Protect the property from further damage
     ·  Cover the property if exposed to the elements
     ·  Make repairs if reasonable and necessary to protect from further damage
     ·  Maintain a record of all expenses incurred in protecting the property
2.  Report the claim to Liz Pesce:
     ·  phone 724 803-5867
     ·  or fax 724 283-4683
3.  Take photos of the damage preferably before you take protective action
4.  Prepare inventory of personal property damage
     ·  List quantity, description, actual cash value and amount of loss
     ·  Attach bills, receipts and related documentation
5.  Retain damaged property until a claims adjuster approves disposal
    (unless a danger to safety)
     ·  The adjuster may need to inspect the property
     ·  The insurance company may be able to salvage the property
6.  Notify policy in the case of theft.
7.  Be prepared to provide additional documentation as requested by the adjuster
8.  Expect to be contacted by the claims adjuster within 24- 48 hours


1.  Report the claim to Liz Pesce:
     ·  phone 724 803-5867
     ·  or fax 724 283-4683
2.  Provide all documents you have regarding this incident
3.  Provide a copy of the lawsuit, if filed
4.  Obtain and provide all documents available to the claimant, including medical bills
5.  Provide all internal documents including accident investigation, repair and maintenance records, etc.
6.  Maintain a list of name and addresses of any witnesses to the incident or employees who may be able to provide details on the product of location involved in the incident.
7.  If the product is involved and you have the product, save it for inspection by the claims adjuster or an expert named by the insurance company
8.  The claims adjuster will work directly with the claimant or his/her attorney; you should not interact with the claimant yourself.
9.  Expect to be contacted by the claims adjuster within 24-48 hours.
10.  If there is any reason that you need to be contacted immediately, please let us know.


1.  Report the claim directly to the Insurance Company using their telephone reporting system.
2.  Please contact Liz Pesce: or phone 724 803-5867 if you do not have the call in phone number.