ESS Energy Group is a results driven insurance and risk management consulting firm formed around the following lead objectives for our clients:

  • Equip to execute strategic plans

  • Differentiate such that they are indispensable

  • Position to negotiate the best available terms, conditions and pricing with the best available markets

  • Align balance sheet with risk retention / risk transfer strategy

  • Align risk transfer investment / cash outlay with corporate time line of development

  • Procure fair and expedient claims resolutions

Our approach to the development of comprehensive risk management and insurance programs is multi-dimensional and collaborative.  We first set aside extensive time for education on macro industry issues and dynamics driving risk trends.  Next, we undertake a full evaluation on the energy insurance market and the context in which we enter as buyers of insurance.  Finally, we move to individual analysis of exposures presented by client operations, contracts, venue and more to identify exposures, to assess in terms of order and magnitude, and to evaluate ability to retain or need to transfer.

ESS Energy excels in complex insurance and risk transfer solutions for our energy clients, including but not limited to: 

Oil & Gas:

  • Control of Well

  • Pollution

  • Downhole Tools

  • Underground Resources

  • Business Interruption

  • Alternative Risk Transfer (Loss Sensitive / Captives)

  • Contractual Risk Transfer


  • Pollution

  • Subsidence

  • Reclamation Bonds

  • Underground Equipment / Business Interruption

  • Alternative Risk Transfer (Loss Sensitive / Captives)

Our experience and expertise is broad and includes operators, contractors, and consultants in the following sectors:

  • Lease Operators

  • Drilling & Well Servicing

  • Transportation & Logistics

  • Completions

  • Distribution & Processing

  • Water Management

  • Construction

  • Gas Storage

  • Contour, Highwall, and Underground Mining


Client Testimonials:

"Thank you for working so hard to bring great value!"

"Team is highly responsive, constantly focused on our needs, able to effectively navigate the claims process, and always prepared during routine updates or annual renewals"

"We recently evaluated and changed our energy broker to ESS Energy and we are extremely pleased with the outcome and personalized service that we received"

"ESS Energy was great in getting our house in order as our energy business grew"

"ESS Energy and their team are very knowledgeable in our industry and have a wide network that has served us well"

"ESS Energy delivers results!"

"Mr. Barker places his client’s interests above his own and works diligently to match the correct coverages with each client’s unique situation. He is one of the few agents in the area who truly understands the needs of the mining and oil and gas industries."